Judge Orders Overland Park Po-Po Dox Released After Tragic Teen Shooting

KSHB did most of the heavy lifting on this case, here's the aftermath and a decision that upholds arguments over transparency and law enforcement accountability . . . Read more:

Judge orders release of records related to Overland Park officer who fatally shot teen in 2018

A Johnson County District Judge has ordered the city of Overland Park, Kansas, to release records in the 2018 police killing of teenager John Albers. Judge Rhonda Mason said Thursday the severance package for the officer who pulled the trigger is public record.


  1. Then all of the dirty laundry at KSHB and KMBC or any MSM outlet is public record as well.

  2. When in the f--k are we going to stop listening to the butthurt parents over their dead jacked up kid ? Get a life and leave us all alone. KSHB lol what a woke joke.

  3. Okay, now we know the going rate for ordering a hit on a kid. How much do the cops get paid for taking out a real bad guy?

  4. I wonder how many people that kid would have killed, if only he had been given the chance?

  5. ^^with any luck it would've been several Boomers. Nobody cares about them and he would've been doing God's work. Pity we'll never know.

  6. It's a tragic story that the young man died.

    But it is not the police fault the young man had mental issues. (nor was it the young man's fault; nature deals a bad deck of cards sometimes)

    The parents called the O.P. Police because the young man was being violent.

    Blame the doctors and psychiatrists who were treating the young man and didn't have his med's prescribed right.

  7. most people are sympathetic with the family, not the police.

  8. The mom and the KC Star both have mental problems. Neither one gets a payday out of this.

  9. People need to learn that cars are considered deadly weapons. Police shoot people who misuse cars. I would do the same thing. Who wants to get their head squashed under a SUV tire?


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