Judge Approves Kylr Yust Secret Confession

A federal surveillance move will now be given to a jury to judge.

Overall this is a win for the prosecution BUT a tactic that could be picked apart by the defense.

Check more deets on the decision . . .

KMBC: FBI's 'recorded confession' by Kylr Yust can be used in trial, judge rules 

Deets . . .

"Yust talked about Kopetsky during a 2011 FBI audio recording on a hidden wire worn by his former girlfriend. . .

Yust's defense attorneys allege Farris used the promise of sex to entice him to confess to killing Kopetsky. They asked Cass County Presiding Judge William Collins to withhold the FBI wire recording from Yust's trial scheduled to begin April 5.

The recording picked up a conversation between Yust and Farris, "…wherein the defendant confessed to killing Kara Kopetsky," according to a state pleading obtained by KMBC 9 Investigates.

"Yust's recorded confession was voluntary," the pleading said, in part. "Yust was not 'entrapped' or 'enticed' to make his confession."

Developing . . .


  1. This punk deserves some good old prison justice.


  2. He did it. We knew that a decade ago. Fry him already.

  3. ^^^ fry him, gas him, electrocute him and burn him at the same time, he deserves the most horrible death imaginable.

  4. I've got to say his lawyer has tried everything possible to delay trial. Now it's time to face those poor girls parents and give them a little peace and justice.

  5. He's toast. But luckily for him, he will live a lot longer on Death Row than he would have outside.

  6. Those poor girls, tricked and killed

  7. Nearest light poll and rope. Followed by half the other tax leches in that jail.

  8. Torture and kill him. Same as that Scott Peterson fvckup. Both should be executed, not living out their worthless lives better than most homeless people in America.


    Kylr Yust to be set free by liberal judge!

    Defense attorney argues it's impossible to seat a jury without implicit bias against a heavily-tattooed serial killer who spells his first name K-Y-L-R.



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