Johnson County Native Jason Sudeikis Earns Top Prize At Award Show You Didn't Watch For Series You'll Never See

Credit where it's due, to date his Biden impression is the best I've seen.

Here's word of his top honor touted by middle-class white people who mistakenly believe that writing corporate e-mails is really work and not the dangerous legacy of peak capitalism.

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Overland Park's Jason Sudeikis wins his first Golden Globe Award

LOS ANGELES (KCTV/AP) - Overland Park native Jason Sudeikis won his first Golden Globe Award on Sunday night. Sudeikis, who stars in "Ted Lasso," won for best actor in a television series, musical or comedy. You can watch his speech here: Jason Sudeikis just won Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy, and we got his first reaction "backstage!"


  1. He should receive a Pulitzer Prize like Obama for doing nothing.

    Trump brokers a historic peace treaty between Israel and Arab countries and no Pulitzer Prize. Like everything else, the Pulitzer has lost its prestige as nothing more than a political left-wing participation trophy.

    Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo receives an Emmy for lying, sexually harrassing women, and killing the elderly in nursing homes. Formerly prestigious awards are jokes these days.

  2. Isn't there a moratorium on white men winning awards in 2021? Guess this slipped by the woken?

  3. Andy yet lots of people watched it and loved it. No geezers though because it's on Apple and you either don't know what that is, or can't afford it. Your loss. It was great!

  4. What, no pivot jobs today 11:13?

  5. No talent hack... and I work with Crapple devices everyday. They suk.

  6. When capitalism hits its peak, be sure not to peek or you might get in a pique.

  7. Some folks confuse Pulitzer w/ Nobel--hope not a person from poor Kansas, my home state.


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