Johnson County Hates Old School Creek

The struggle against an unread map persists.

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Johnson County mulls changing creek's racially loaded name

LEAWOOD, Kan. (AP) - Advocates who are pushing to change the name of a nondescript stream called Negro Creek near Kansas City say they hope their efforts will also lead to the renaming of other geographical features in Kansas that use the racially loaded term.


  1. Name a street after a negro and they still get mad, you just can’t win with these people.

  2. ^^^ lulz. Also stupid. Two fer one.

  3. Name it Democrat Creek to remind people who killed the Black Man.

  4. So, you can't give us a good reason for not changing it.

    Today's Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln & today's Democratic Party is not the Party of Jim Crow.

    Obviously they switched.

    4:26 knows this is & is just trying to count coup.

    1. Today's Democrat party loves its black slaves and doesn't want them thinking for themselves.

  5. In recognition of the University of Kansas' stellar performance in Track and Field events, especially in the Javelin Throw, I think they should change the name to "Spear Chucker Slough"!

  6. One good reason to not change it, fuck you. Creeks been there for 100 years and hasn't killed one negroe , let's change these negroes shooting shit Robbin shit every day and night in Kansas City and their bastard creating single mothers, oh wait that's too hard. Let's worry about dead old rebel generals that's what is pertenient

  7. change it to Coon Rapids

  8. Call it the Nigger Minor

  9. Byron,
    Have you read Burke and Keatings report?

    Western Progress, 1879:
    “Stanley is located at the head of ‘N—- Creek.’ Some of the curious may want to know why the stream is called by that name. As the poet would say, ‘thereby hangs a tale.’ In 185–, James Chiles of Jackson County, Missouri, had a negro man to ‘run off,’ they followed and surrounded him on the stream running to Stanley to Blue, when finding they would capture him he drew a knife and cut his throat from ear to ear. From that day to this it has been known as ‘N— Creek.’ Of course the proper name is negro, but we being Democrats down here, (for short) spell it with two ‘g’s.’”

    They quoted Jackson County Democrats.

  10. A man just wasted his 1st Amendment right on racist gibberish. Would people die for their country knowing it was all for racist gibberish? Do we really need all these racist in the Military in the first place?


  12. 9:21 do we really need the extremely racist and murderous kkkdemoncraps?

    No, no we don’t, the kkkdemoncraps need to die off already.

  13. Change name to "A Creek in JOCO". Problem solved.

  14. High priority item but will make some liberals feel good about themselves


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