Thursday, March 25, 2021

Jackson County Deputy Earns 'Shock Time' After Shooting Lady In The Back

Not exactly resolution but important follow-up nevertheless . . .

Former Jackson County deputy sentenced to 180 days in jail as shock time for 2019 shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Jackson County judge on Thursday sentenced a former Jackson County sheriff's deputy to 180 days in jail as shock time for shooting a woman in the back during a August 2019 incident following the deputy's attempt to arrest her. The judge also sentenced 31-year-old Lauren N.


Anonymous said...

Part of the ongoing war on American law enforcement.

Review the facts of the case.

Let's reject the liberal agenda that says it's acceptable for criminals to disobey police orders, assault police, flee from police, and then when they're apprehended claim excessive force was used.

Anonymous said...

Only cowards shoot people in the back.

If you're not fit enough go give chase, then find a desk job.

Anonymous said...

Whoa a whole six months? Oh my God. Such a serious punishment. Said nobody ever.