It Might Not Be COVID: Kansas City Allergy Season Starts Now . . .

Just a bit of hope as another season of sneezing starts . . . Longtime locals are already complaining that this allergy season seems a bit stronger. 

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Allergies already? 2 factors contributing to March pollen in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Eyes that itch and burn. A nose that's raw and runs. Sneezing constantly. It's not COVID-19, it's allergies. Yes, many plants in the area won't bud and bloom until sometime in April. It's only the beginning of March now, yet Kansas City is already filled with pollen.


  1. No, it's Covid. Everything is Covid.


  2. But gee whiz what ever happened to flu season????? Did COVID kick the influenza out this year? Oh I forgot no matter what you had they identified it with COVID even cancer victims like Herman Cain.


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