Indie Movie Lotawana Sells As NFT

Quick peek at local media evolving and this bit of low rent cinema finds a way to make a profit even if only 3 or 4 people watch it . . . Like the vast majority of Indie movies.

Check the link sent our way by KICK-ASS TKC READERS . . .

Indie Film Lotawana Becomes First Ever Movie Sold As An NFT

Exclusive: Independent film Lotawana, directed by Emmy winner Trevor Hawkins, has officially become the first movie to ever be sold as an NFT. Independent film has officially become the world's first movie to ever be sold as an NFT. For some people, the concept of an NFT can be rather confusing.


  1. So virtually nobody will see this film LOL!

  2. This is just the premiere and copyright sale. Depending on the amount of press the movie gets over the coming weeks and months while people wrap their heads around what an NFT is and what it means, the film could then parlay that buzz into a theatrical run. And since they are minted, they will always be the first movie to do this as an NFT, forever, which means the shares become an even wiser investment since the movie will have historical context.

  3. Lake Notalotawater is fab, but is it better than the ecoli beach in liberty.

  4. Forget about Walt Disney, Trevor Hawkins is putting Kansas City on the map as a major player in the film industry.

  5. Deosn't the term "non-fungible" define something for which absolutely no worth or redeeming value can be determined? (Asking for a friend.)

  6. Kansas City as a major player in the film industry?
    Maybe a documentary on bull riding!

  7. Lake Idontwanna.


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