Hipsters Stand Up For Sandy Blonde Native American Free Speech Fight Against Haskell

A sordid tale of journalism is worth a peek if only to realize that "the college experience" remains valuable as a training ground for the identity politics which now dominate the American discourse.

Take a look . . .

Student editor sues Haskell Indian Nations University president over free speech infringement

Jared Nally. // Courtesy of Gary Rohman of FIRE Jared Nally, editor-in-chief of the student-run publication, The Indian Leader, is fighting for his basic journalistic rights after being silenced by his campus president for 90 days. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) filed a federal lawsuit against Haskell Indian Nations University and its president, Ronald Graham on behalf of Nally....


  1. Quick name some stuff after American Indians or they will be forgotten.

  2. Swamp
    Isn’t is time to check your ass is not fused to the couch?

    1. ^^^^ Isn't it time for you to go upstairs and down on your momma for your lunch ?

  3. The liberal food fight in this country that is just now starting is gonna be fun to watch.

  4. Should just rename it...
    Injun joes skool of noledge....

  5. no no no no

    filing a civil action when your individual rights have been violated and going to a courthouse to have your day in court ...

    those are things colonizers do.

    this man must take his dispute to the chief, and if he doesn't like it, tough, because that is how tribal rights work. not individual civil rights.

    I wonder if sharice edwards would like the deal she got in a system based on tribal rights, as opposed to living amongst us "colonizers" where she is accorded individual civil rights. hmmm, something tells me she would bitch and complain a lot about what the chieftain might give her pursuant to her tribal rights.

  6. ^^ This is what smooth brain syndrome does.

  7. Wow. FIRE and The Pitch on the same side? I thought I felt a disturbance in the Force.

  8. The Sioux call blonde natives "Wahita". Not really that uncommon. Ever seen Billy Jack?

  9. ^^ agree, When people have no idea that "red" skins are also black, white and asian. Ever been to Oklahoma ? 3/4 's of the "red" skins don't look red. Richest Black girl ( in american history at one point ) was a KCMO indian.

  10. The Sarah Rector story. Way before Oprah

  11. No that dude looks European not Indian


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