Hipsters Serve Last Week's News About Downtown Kansas City Denny's Tear Down

Merely posted to make me feel better about today's late afternoon update. Also, because that 500-per-month donation isn't making me feel any better about the state of local journalism.

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Demolition planned for Denny's near the Kauffman Center

Courtesy of Google Maps. If you find yourself commuting to downtown or visiting the Kauffman Center often, chances are the vintage Denny's at Truman and Broadway has become a landmark. But like many other landmarks Kansas City has been accustomed to seeing, days are numbered for the 1600 Broadway Denny's location.


  1. When I worked at Denny's; we used to piss in the coffee machine and give it to the regular customers who were assholes.

    We even pissed in one guy's scrambled eggs.

  2. Thats it...Sydney Powell is certifiable.

    In my opinion.

  3. 3:38 I hope this wasn't the pinnacle of your life.

  4. Sidney Powell has made total fools of the low-IQ conspiracy theory folks. And Donald trump LIED THRU HIS TEETH TO THE WORLD ABOUT THE ELECTION BEING STOLEN.

    Yes a President that lied to the whole world. And people still trust him. Now we know who the FORREST GUMP folks are! They are the MAGA folks. Mnay will go to prison for the capital riot/attack - and Trump will not pardon them or pay any of their legal bills, he used you people, you were cannon fodder, yes you were simply sheep being lead to the slaughter and your friends, relatives and employers will never forget your foolish beliefs that the election was stolen. This is how Germans were tricked into supporting Hitler - and how did that work out for the Germans once the Russians made it into Berlin at the wars end?


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