For those who don't know, Mr. Stevens is Kansas City's last remaining high-profile man-about-town. He's an elite local author with credits at a vast array of national magazines and several TV show guest appearances under his belt.

A couple of years ago there was an online beef that name checked him but nothing ever materialized other than vague chatter from trolls.

Now. We're EXCEPTIONALLY HAPPY to see Mr. Stevens back and working at one of the first publications that sparked his exceptional career as a scribe. 

Sorry to be such a Hampton-Stevens-Stan but the guy is one of the very few dudes in Kansas City who writes with precise emotional intensity but doesn't overtly politicize most of his work.

In his latest missive, he offers a glimpse at his COVID journey and his words are entirely worthy of an extensive Sunday read . . . Check-it . . .

You stopped isolating. I didn't. Here's what I learned from my year alone

The ultimate villain is silence. Yes, of course, you want to avoid the virus. But the real enemy, the intimate foe, is a brutal, unrelenting silence. It is a silence born of solitude, a loneliness so vast and deep that no text, phone call, music, movie or TV show can do more than momentarily distract you from the cavernous dark.


  1. No doubt about it, dude has talent. And he knows how to use a comma, take a lesson TKC!


  2. In short, he has fallen victim to the, "Control the sheeple brought to you by the democrats."

  3. More shite from the navel-gazing class.

    Grow up, pussy.

  4. He was never alone. Like Chris Cuoma he faked it. There are people who know.

  5. ^^and yet the rest of the world doesn’t care in the least. You shouldn’t either.

  6. Dude thinks he is Albert Camus in Westport. He is "strange".

    The last chick this guy spoke with, told him, "If the phone ain't ringing, that's me not calling". The "tunnel of love" is a bridge too far for this guy and his self imposed isolation is psychotic, not heroic. Dreary, lachrymose, Sylvia Plath, just fuckin kill me now, littered in with a touch of Progressive, arrogant Agoraphobia. This dude needs to go outside and jump headfirst into a swimming pool full of blow, or, at least a wheel barrel full of "Redi-Calm".

    Dude is washing his fuckin delivered groceries!

    Who is sending this fuckhead money? Probably us..., of course.

    No doubt, this is exactly what our "leaders" in Washington D.C. want us to continue to do. Live in fear (While they dine at tony restaurants and go on vacations.) and, of course, vote from home, by email that is routed through Iran, China and a secret location, secured by the FBI.

    After all that, I gotta admit, 9:16 said it better.

  7. I take it back, I can see why he is depressed. Look at that fuckin picture.

    That is Liam Neeson contemplating "Taken" still another vacation!

    He just wants to stay home!!!

  8. "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want, but, I am gonna stay home, on my couch. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, I don't work, I just lay around and feel sorry for myself, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that allow me to blow off this whole conversation and get back to watching "The View". If you let my daughter go now that'll be the end of it. If you don't let her go, that will be the end of it too. There is a PANDEMID FOR GOD'SAKE! I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. Give her my best. I am gonna microwave some hot pockets.

  9. People like this drama asshole make me puke.

  10. "For nearly a year, I have not touched another human being ..." -- Yea, dude, welcome to the world of about a third of the population every year.

    Washing groceries as necessary was debunked about five months after the virus started. I don't believe any COVID infection was ever documented to come from groceries. But maybe Hampton didn't like to read during his seclusion. All those grocery shoppers who touched the same can of beans or piece of fruit would have been infected, but yet they didn't seem to be. Maybe the next Chinese virus will be carry this attribute.

  11. "Someday, I hope to touch and hold another human being, feeling skin on skin, and I’ve absolutely no idea what lingering impacts a year alone might have on my ability to experience physical intimacy."

    No offense, but this sounds like a line from the movie "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." This is where we need a follow-up with video. Maybe film that a Bazooka's Showgirls downtown.

  12. To each his own, but this seems to me to be an example of how to live without having a life.

  13. HE WROTE:

    "..but the measures I’ve taken are no different than what everyone should have embraced. Since March 2020, when the world shut down, I’ve barely left my twelve-hundred-square-foot home in Westport."
    Hampton Stevens is ABSOLUTELY 100% WRONG!

    "We did them because they were the right and smart things to do,"
    In the vast majority of cases, people with mental illness are not aware of their affliction. Rather, they resolutely believe that they are in the right, while the majority are mistaken.

    "At some point, after so many months of watching people behave that way, all I could muster was a mute, gaping wonder at the stupidity of it all."
    Here, Mr. Stevens has stumbled upon the truth, though his interpretation is incorrect. "The stupidity of it all" is an accurate succinct description of what came to be known as the SARS-CoV-2 "pandemic" in 2020.

    "The cost is that you could catch and spread a deadly illness. You could die, or leave someone you love gasping for oxygen, drowning inside their own body and dying alone in a hospital room. But I’m the weirdo for wanting to stay home?"
    If Mr. Stevens was not agoraphobic before 2020, in describing his state of mind over the past year, he's penned a textbook example of someone suffering from the mental illness.

    While he was washing his grocery delivery, repeatedly spraying his environment with Lysol, and bathing in hand sanitizer, Mr. Stevens could have been performing internet research to discover that:
    1) There never was a real pandemic (see definition) worldwide.
    2) The official Covid-19 death count has the U.S. at #1, with more than 3X the deaths of #2 India. If that doesn't immediately set off huge red flags in your logical reasoning mind, then perhaps you've lost the ability altogether.
    3) In 2019, there was widespread foreknowledge that a pandemic would emerge from China in the coming months. Groups like the Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, WHO, CDC, were all participating in the planning.
    4) To this day, there is no scientific basis to implement widespread public face-masking or quarantines for the mitigation of virus transmission. The exceptions would be those working in healthcare settings or caring for the susceptible aged.

    Hampton Stevens has penned a well-written confessional to his mental illness. We wish him a full recovery.

  14. Bro's slurping on chicken wings at a bar makes me happy to be isolated

  15. ^^Thats the TKC mantra!

  16. The sad thing is knowing so many people share Hampton’s Covid beliefs. That dude will need therapy before this is over.

  17. More pussy lib whining. It will never end.

  18. Holy cow, what a monumental crybaby.

  19. Some of us who left our homes went to work to make your posh life possible.
    Damned expenable essentail employees.

  20. Offensive, privileged whiny garbage. Some people had to go to work and didn't have the luxury of navel-gazing, Hampton. You chose your pain. You could have gotten a job helping, where you could have made a contribution and avoided solitude. Something to think about while you pass another day on the cross.

  21. "That dude will need therapy before this is over."

    11:48: That train has left the station.

  22. The masks were a good idea to prevent spread, but the shutdowns and about everything else has been complete overkill and Libtard bullsh*t that resulted in more overdoses, suicides, mental illness, educational regression and domestic abuse cases. Now, with the vaccines that Trump's Operation Warp Speed gave us in record time, if you want to keep wearing a mask to protect yourself, that's fine. Just don't make me wear one until Halley's Comet comes near the Earth again (2061).

  23. Was Hampton's diatribe really an audition to replay John Travolta's character in the 1976 TV movie "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble"? Is this guy wearing a mask in the shower and around his inflate-a-mate love doll? Sure sounds like it.

  24. I didn't know the COVID lockdown could actually shrink someone's testicles this much.

  25. He must feel awful sentencing the people who buy his groceries to a death via the china flu...or the people that keep his power going, or the ones who collect his garbage. Weird indeed.

  26. Hampton, is that his given name ? Anyway he sounds like the type of guy that deep down finds sex yucky. That is the main reason he is alone, he won't go down on anything, that's the yucky area down there.

  27. So he barricaded himself in his house for a year sucking his thimb

  28. last time i tried volunteering, asshole cornered me by a stack of canned tomatoes.

  29. a jolly asshole was he

  30. a jolly asshole was he
    by night he stared
    upon the walls
    by daylight's despair
    hung as of grapes
    large golden oranges dangling
    from the ceiling
    a reflection of thine self!

  31. .....so this limp wrist Star reader ever go outside ?


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