Golden Ghetto Honors Plague Champs

Suburban tribute to service amid the pandemic. 

Here's a feel good link that might help us forget how horribly everyone has treated fast food workers and grocery store clerks during this hot mess.

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Johnson County declares March 7-13 Heroes Week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Johnson County has proclaimed March 7-13 as Heroes Week to show appreciation for the county's efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for the past year. This week marks one year since the novel coronavirus was first reported in the county.


  1. JoCo did a surprisingly bad job facing the pandemic: slow on testing and slow on vaccines.

  2. ^^^ thank granny gun and that dumb bitch chief sitting bull dyke, they didn’t drop the ball, they never had it.

    This is the one time I wish I lived in Missouri, their governor kicked ass with how he handled the plandemic and vaccines. I think it’s safe to say he’s a real hero. And that’s with the two most murderous cities in the world and the two most failed dimwit mayors in the country, he saved their asses that’s for sure.

  3. So just the grocery clerks? LoL uh ok.

  4. $1.3 million covid money for buses getting redirected to architect design for Barney Ellis parking garage. Yeah! KC elite welfare. Lol, why? Is business coming back to covid lockdown bought zone? Bartle Hall is one hella expensive homeless shelter.


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