Fracking Quakes In Kansas Escalate

Check the next man-made natural disaster in the making as the planet pushes back against so-called power companies . . . Read more:

Kansas Geological Survey: Recent earthquakes may not be from natural causes

Wichita, Kan. (KSNW) - You've likely felt one of the recent quakes in Wichita this month. There have been more than ten. Kansas geological survey says evidence shows they may be man-made. "If it is induced, what's causing it?" said Rick Miller with Kansas geological Survey.


  1. What's causing it? Good question, and there are hot spots everywhere an earthquake has happened. They are not farmers burning fields and they are always located at power grids or close military sites, something that would be a dangerous situation if a big quake happened there. Kinda like what is causing cow mutilations? HAARP Project Blue Beam and so many others it's hard to keep up with them all.

  2. The earthquakes are from a network of long tunnels underground built by a cabal of cannibal democrats who are now keeping kids in cages in the tunnels as a food source, and they are tracking a laser sattelite that started the california wildfires a few years back and oh, JFK had his brain transplanted into Trumps head and soon trump will arrest the cabal or democrats and publically execute them. The election was stolen!

    If you believe this stuff above, please check yourself into a mental health facility ASAP!

  3. But I want cheap gasoline! Mah free-dumb!

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