Former Kansas City Royals Star Johnny Damon Name Checks MAGA Amid DUI Arrest

The right to remain silent is underrated as wayback greatness and political shout outs don't trump a bad breathalyzer result.

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Ex-Yankees star Johnny Damon says he's a 'Trump supporter' during arrest, video shows

Former New York Yankees star Johnny Damon struggled with officers during his recent DUI arrest, bodycam footage released by the Windermere Police Department shows. The bodycam footage from Damon's Florida arrest was released on Tuesday and included him pleading that he was in favor of the police and a supporter of former president Donald Trump


  1. Check out his chartered yacht episode on Below Deck. Nice enough guy but a drunk.

  2. MAGA? You mean you don't think American has been great recently or in the past? Travel to another country. We beat all the others hands down. We dont need to make it great again - it already is!

  3. Respectable first world nations don't have a shitty healthcare system such as ours.

    We're a second class nation.


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