Former Jackson County Public Defender Suffers Heroin Conspiracy Indictment

Quick peek at the local legal game and how it can get SERIOUS very quickly.

Check-it . . .

Former Jackson County public defender charged in heroin conspiracy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A woman who was fired four years ago from her job as a mitigation specialist for the Jackson County Public Defender's Office has now been charged in federal court with smuggling heroin into a Missouri prison.


  1. ...”suffers”?
    Don’t you mean he voluntarily got himself involved in all this on his own?

  2. Another Petersucker prodigy gets caught and sent to jail!

  3. ^^Another racist, misogynist asshole.

    Petersucker, you're probably the bitch who keeps posting fake comments under my name, & you're the asshole who keeps calling me bLIEron because, well, you're an asshole. That's what assholes do.

    "Men" like you are an embarrassment to other white men.

    You can voice your criticisms without calling her school yard names.

    She's an important public official & you're an anonymous coward.

  4. "Byron" is a guy living in Raytown who hangs around coffee shop at 6109 Blue Ridge Blvd in Raytown and sponges off customers. He has quite a local following.

  5. This is the same lady who was romantically involved with her murder suspect client who executed the girl at the bay water park back in 2016. She also was smuggling phones into the jail for him so they could sext, intimidate witnesses and film rap music videos in the jail


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