Former G-Man Backs KCPD After Gunfight

Despite a great deal of community outcry and talk of protest, the consensus seems to confirm that (shocker!?!) the dude killed in shootout with cops probably had it coming. Strangely, this is a conclusion that can no longer be discussed by the mainstream media or any cowtown columnist. 

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Retired FBI agent: Lethal force likely 'justifiable' in KCPD shooting

Following police's shooting of a suspect in any case, the use of force is a topic of discussion. In the case of the shooting at the gas station at 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue Thursday, KCPD said the officer involved was shot in the leg before firing at and killing the suspect, Malcolm Johnson.


  1. "Likely justifiable"??? I would sure as hell think so. Didn't the guy come out firing? What was the officer supposed to do, throw confetti at him? These after the fact interviews with people who do not have any official information tell us nothing. The officer did exactly what he should have done, thank God, before Mr. Felon had a chance to shoot anyone else. Very glad the officer will be all right.

  2. This guy must have been the Agent in charge of the KCMO office.

  3. Tired of this love of Criminal over law. POS got what he ordered. Should have stayed at MCdonalds if he wanted a MCwhine burger over meeting his maker. He got extra crispy at KFC, fuck him.

  4. I bet Petersucker is hopping mad she can’t charge this brave police officer, the guy should get a medal for saving lives... great idea! That’ll send that incompetent moron and useless piece of shit Petersucker through the roof!

  5. He did have it coming! You pull a gun on a cop? That's a death sentence. In the world of crime, and this guy had a lengthy record, shouldn't have been walking the streets to begin with. JPB needs to start doing her job and knock off this plea bargaining OFF! Do your job Jean! If ya can't, turn your job over to someone that is capable and not going thru menopause!

  6. Of course it is justifiable, the urban scholar pulled a gun and got at least one round off. They should have put his ass down sooner - cops probably had to consult the union atty first.

  7. I feel for the owner of this crime-plagued gas station. It never ends for him.


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