Fight Against Johnson County Hate Cont'd

Not so long ago a dude targeted and killed immigrants as he yelled "GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!" during a drunken outburst in a low rent section of the Golden Ghetto. The response from the community was an outpouring of sympathy and support that extended across the metro.

Tonight we share this story of continued dedication to prevent deadly racism given the increasing level of economic disparity, alcoholism and despair of the fading American middle-class.

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Olathe woman from India starts new charity after husband's hate-crime murder

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Olathe couple's love story interrupted by hate and murder is transforming into a new movement promoting acceptance and love. Sunayana Kuchibhotla and her late husband, Srinu, are from India. Srinu was murdered four years-ago at Austin's Bar and Grille in Olathe, by a man witnesses say shot Srinu after calling him racist names.


  1. You want to fight against hate in JOCO? Get rid of that Sharice Davids. She is the one going around inciting killings in the metro area with her hate. She really needs to be brought up on charges. You want to point fingers? Point them straight at her she is to blame. Think Sharice doesn't hate eastern Indians???? Think again!

  2. Run em all out. What is wrong with having one white nation in the world ?

  3. Learn your history3/5/21, 12:39 AM

    ^^^ they tried that, didn't end well.

  4. ^^^ Ask a German. Nitwit.

  5. Biden says the south Asians (i.e. Indians) are taking over the country. Evidently nobody seems particularly interested.

  6. When mental illness is in a white man its bullshit h8 crime. When a life long black criminal kills.....its only a statistic that the cops that you defund arent doing their jobs... love the DOUBLE STANDARD.
    If there were truth in this shit they would have signs and a movement that declares EVERYBODY MATTERS...but that dont fit the racist narrative


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