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A prolific local scribe offers his insights into the COVID new normal amongst people of the book who haven't been able to garner the same crowds and donations via the blessed Internets.

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As the pandemic recedes, will faith communities adjust?

For several Sundays now, a few worshippers have been present in person in the sanctuary of my congregation, and it looks as if the switch from the all-virtual service of the past pandemic year to a hybrid may be able...


  1. As the pandemic recedes, Allah will elevate his faith to a higher level. Allah will suck even more goat dick than he currently does.

  2. "the recognition that a girl you taught in second-grade Sunday school now is in her first year of high school and is on the edge of womanhood"

    Who is Bill pedo-creeping on? Poor girl!

  3. Ah. The goat fetish guy and someone who projects his pedophelia on others heard from.

    Slow day at the home, guys? Oatmeal late today?

  4. As long as the money keeps rolling in, the traditional Churches will be fine.

    Never forget that "Religion"is all about money, and its means of raising the cash is controlling who gets to screw whom.


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