Eternal Hole Haunts Kansas City

This town once hosted infrastructure that was enviable across the American Midwest and local streets were some of the nation's finest. 

Sadly, those days are now just a distant memory amid the current era of US POST-COVID scarcity. 

Today's example . . .

KC man's been waiting almost a year for dangerous hole in street to be repaired

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Every time Frank Richardson leaves home, he knows he's heading toward a hazard. A sunken manhole cover at the entrance to his subdivision at Blue Parkway and Fairway Drive. "People get flat tires running into it because it's approximately 4-5 inches deep," said Richardson who has been hard at work for [...]


  1. Maybe they should slow down, I mean if you know it’s there how else are you getting flat tires?

    He’s right about one thing, the city inspectors for public works are worthless, they don’t follow up on anything.

  2. Sorry, the mayor is too busy advocating for crossdressing kids to be allowed to play sports

    just keep paying for tires and alignments and they will get back to you once all the queerkids are playing soccer again

  3. First, we need to renew the EEEEEEE-tax before anything happens in this shit town. If we don't, our houses burn down, the police quit answering calls, and holes just get bigger. Same argument as the last two times we voted.


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