EPIC Kansas City Road Trip Required For COVID Vaxx Appointment

Because TKC loves you . . . Here's a quick link to send to relatives that keep bothering you about getting a shot.

Real talk: TKC would gladly walk into a Walgreens and pull out my backside but I keep hearing that's not a good vaxx strategy.

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Missouri navigator sends KC woman hundreds of miles away for second COVID-19 vaccine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You better have a full tank of gas and a lot of time if you are using Missouri's Vaccine Navigator to find a COVID-19 vaccine site. "The options they gave me were Leopold and Booneville," said Kathleen Lee, 70, of Kansas City.


  1. Get the vax if you want it. I won't and don't get on my ass about it or you will need a proctologist to retrieve your precious mask.

    1. It's cool, you go ahead and avoid it and when you get it and go to the hospital there will be a cot for you in the parking garage because they're not going to bother with you for more ten seconds. "You should have gotten vaccinated," they'll say, "just tell us who to call so they can come claim your ignorant corpse."


  2. I wouldn't walk across the street to get it let alone miles.

  3. This is a bullshit story, when you sign up for the first shot it automatically gives you the date for the second shot... at the same place you got the first one. Either this dumbass missed her second appointment or it’s an outright lie from the lame stream media.

  4. I wouldn't walk across the street to piss on a place giving them out.

  5. These options change by the minute on a 8 day window. You can simply wait and watch for a better option or close out the page and come back later to the website and look again. My first options were about 10 from 25 to 200 miles away. I opened the link several times and finally found one to my liking 7 days out.

    Bottom line, yes it is a cluster fuck brought to you by inept government. Private sectors are stepping up and doing the best they can with what they have to work with. Difficult, yes. Should be better, definitely. Doable with a little effort.

  6. Yes they insist scheduling the second shot before you leave.

  7. That won't be a problem because I'm not getting the first one.

  8. But see, guys, it's fine you don't want to get vaccinated. It's ok. A certain percentage of you will then die from Covid, society will benefit, you won't be missed, and we'll all be better off without you.

    So yeah. Don't get vaccinated. Fine by me.

  9. Since I had it before they even knew what to call it and have been around others while they had it you probably shouldn't go getting your hopes up. Doesn't Wal-Mart need you beck in feminine hygiene supplies to restock?

  10. Representative Fart and Swallow-well3/16/21, 9:35 PM

    Jesus Christ! Bandit. You're making a complete fool out of yourself.
    You must think folks give a shit what you think. Guess again.

  11. Maybe you'll get a variant and die from it.

  12. Sorry, not "maybe." I meant "I hope."

  13. Also Bandit what made you think I was talking to you? I wasn't.

    It's not all about you; in fact, nobody here gives a shit what you say, think, or do.

  14. https://www.bitchute.com/video/grk7cQP3ISCC/

  15. Ha! Bandit getting his head kicked in again! love it!


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