This afternoon hosted an impressive sign of NEXTGEN unity and a great many new visitors to the West Bottoms.

So many local homeless who live in the area or near the surrounding woods might be impressed by the sign of compassion and love.

Take a look and realize that this probably only makes you mad if you're over 40 with rapidly hardening arteries . . .

Hundreds gather in Kansas City to push back against Asian American hate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The push to stop hate crimes against Asian communities continued on Sunday in Kansas City, Missouri. Hundreds of community members and organizers gathered outside of Cafe Cà Phê, a Vietnamese coffee shop, located at 1101 Mulberry Street for a "Stop Asian hate" vigil.


  1. good for them. Far too many haters in KC and on this blog in particular.

  2. What were they pushing back against? The two girls who killed the Uber Eats guy in DC? The person who killed the UMKC student East of Troost? WTF?

  3. I don't get it. The FBI said it wasn't a hate crime.

  4. All of the victims were women, & most were Asian.

    Yet, when President Obama said it was the result of racism & misogyny he was vilified on Fox News.

    The fact that the shooter claimed a sexual addiction while targeting Asian women is part of the racism against Asians.

    It was yet another instance where the white male shooter was taken into custody while unarmed Black men are still being killed in "self-defense".

    So, clearly the FBI got it wrong & President Obama has it right.

    1. And yet at about the same time, a Muslim murdered 10 white people in Colorado and nobody gives a shit
      Has obama weighed in on this yet?

  5. Instant crisis, just add hype! Maybe it'll work as a distraction from the crisis President Houseplant created at the border and continues to try to lie about.


  6. @ 4:24 the haters on this blog are the democrats. Look back at the last 4 years and those are the ones killing the Asian people and shooting up grocery stores in CO. Oh and the capitol riot too.

  7. Are they ( Asians ) pushing back that A Syrian ( Non white ) killed a bunch of Asians ( them ) ? Or that a Bunch of Blacks ( non white ) killed a bunch of black in Virginia Beach ? Or were they worried about the last 40 murders in the KC metro that were caused by non whites and not against Asians (them once again ) ? Asking for the Breakfast at Tiffanys stereotypical Asian ( yep, rice bowls ) that we don't demand that classic removed like Songs of the South ( Racist cartoon movie unlike Racist leftist Hepburn Movie )..

  8. Just another group of clueless people marching against the latest made-up "outrage".
    Not a single one of them could cite a single instance of an Asian "hate crime" in the KC metro, but the weather's nice so time to go out and fill yourself with superficial virtue.
    And what about "hate crimes" against bi-racial transgender Asian-Americans?
    And all the other sub-groups that the SJWs constantly come up with?
    Everyone as a victim desperately looking for special treatment.

  9. Umbutu The Jenkems Merchant3/28/21, 6:36 PM

    More "benefits of diversity".

  10. What happened to the dogs and cats that used to hang out in the West Bottoms

  11. Hope they got their 15$ and hour.

  12. THE BEST OF CH卐CKLO☭E3/28/21, 6:50 PM

    "Asians. Mesmerizing and mysterious, Asian chicks as a percentage of the Oriental population are more likely than not, to be breathtakingly beautiful. I should know, I married one.

    THE UPSIDE: They are smarter than you are. If you have kids, you will NEVAR have to figure out your kid's relentlessly incomprehensible Trigonometry home work. Everything from your grocery list, to your taxes, will be figured out to the penny. The "Tiger" between the sheets is your "Tiger Mom" at home and if you survive into your dotage, your rich kids will not only be culturally disposed to take care of you, they will be rich enough to do it in style. Did I mention how hot they are?

    THE DOWNSIDE: They are smarter than you are. Deception, without a serious plan, complete with forensic evidence to back up your BS, is a sure fire loser. Getting "crafty" with your Asian girlfriend or wife is like drawing to an inside straight. Sometimes you can get away with it, but usually, your busted.

    BREAKING UP: Are you kidding? There is one way and only one way out of a serious relationship with an Asian chick. SHE has to be sick of YOU. Imagine the "Art Of War" shit that is going to take place with your family, friends, job, wallet etc. etc. Again, she is smarter than you are. If you MUST break up, it's gonna take a serious cocaine problem over several months and the destruction of what she is going to destroy anyway. You may as well do the cocaine."

    Great, huh?

  13. Byron Funkhouser3/28/21, 8:07 PM

    I recant my stupid post at 5:04. Being a progressive, whatever that is, I too often knee jerk to issues without thinking. The anti-Asian "thingy" as our pathetic pres would call it, is purely a black construct designed to try to incorporate Asians into the black victim-hood movement. Won't work, Asians are much too smart to fall into that BLM trap. They're far too busy working and providing for their wonderful families, than to waste time whining and shooting each other like blacks. Sorry for the dumb comment.

  14. Blieron and chimpy both have severe brain damage fro eating to much cum so....

  15. The Karencrats are really starting to wear out their welcome.

  16. More campaign material for Mayor W to use in his Senate race. KCMO is down with all the random social causes.

  17. Asians out perform all other ethnicities by a wide margin, including whites, therefore blacks hate them even more than can currently be measured. Anecdotal evidence has shown this for decades. Blacks hate Asians almost as much as they hate themselves.

  18. While the left wing media is filling the idiots up on hate crimes against Asians what they fail to tell their minions are the facts...

    Anti-Asian American incidents rose from 49 in 2019 to 122 in 2020.

    Still want to get your panties in a wad now Baizuos?

  19. Answer this question libs... If America is such a racist country the leftist media would have you believe then why are millions of people literally risking their lives to get to America?

    Hey dumbass Byron, do you have an answer?

  20. If the Biden administration is so proud of their border policies then why don't they want the press or even government officials to see? Because it's an outright disaster much like "President" houseplant.

  21. And I question 1)what is this gathering all about and 2) what mind did they change? Answers: 1) Nothing, 2) none.
    This is mass stupidity on display. In the US about 19000 murders are about average in a year. Less than 100 people on average die in shootings of more than 4 people per year. None of it is good but in a country of 330,000,000 people it is just a news organization(s) way of stirring up public emotions and making it a bigger problem than it in reality is. If you want to impact mass shootings then the news should never reveal the shooters name and personal info - no more 15 minutes of fame for them - it declines.

  22. The Democratic Party and its media butt boys and girls are demanding that you stop noticing blatant discrimination against East Asians in university admissions, and start noticing made-up hate crimes instead. Oh, and also stop noticing that nearly all impromptu physical attacks against Asians, especially the elderly, have been committed by blacks. But that's forgivable because systemic racism. Stop noticing! Look! Hate crimes hate crimes!


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