EPIC Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium COVID Vaxx Event Coming Soon

Politicos hope to herd locals into this site in order to boost herd immunity.

In theory the city hall honcho is on board . . .

Mayor Quinton Lucas calls on FEMA to host mass-vaccination events

Here's the latest hint at progress:

Gov. Parson: Missouri in talks to use Arrowhead Stadium as COVID-19 mass vaccination location

During a Tuesday visit to the Kansas City metro area, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said the state is in the early stages of setting up a mass vaccination event at Arrowhead Stadium.Parson didn't have official details yet, but he did indicate the event would be coordinated by the Missouri National Guard.


  1. My prayer is that God somehow destroys Arrowhead stadium so badly that it can't be recognized. Tornado season is hear and that would be AWESOME. The chiefs are scum.

  2. Am I the only one that isn't going to get that rDNA treatment ?

  3. Ooo wow so hip n cool, you can get your fake vaccine for the common cold virus, but not all the variants at the stadium, will mchomes be there too?

  4. Why is the City paying Dr. Rex Archer $250,000 a year if cannot coordinate something as simple as a vaccination.

    Not like he is running a M.A.S.H. hospital; although he does act like Major Burns.

  5. I just got my first shot through St.Lukes. They were extremely efficient!!! Everything was ready to go as hundreds smoothly walked in with appointment times. Showed ID. Got in line for 5 minutes. Line advanced about the rate of 15-30 seconds per person.
    Whole thing was 20-25 minutes tops and that included the 15 minute wait after plus scheduled second shot.
    I've waited longer for fast food, definitely shorter than the DMV.

  6. Some just know how to make it work. Others such as Government will f it up. The old crow bar in a sand pile mentality.

  7. Poor cry babies in kc don’t realize this is open to anybody who shows up, it’s not just for kc residents, effing dummies.

  8. 7:16 that is indeed the big question!!!!!


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