Entercom Evolves Into Audacy

A desperate switcheroo that will put generic corporate content in direct competition with every d-bag with a mobile phone . . . Accordingly, check the death of terrestrial radio by another name . . . 

"The switch reflects what the Philadelphia-based company said was a purposeful strategy the past three years to evolve from a radio broadcasting company into a multiplatform audio content and entertainment entity that includes broadcasting, podcasting, digital, network, live experiences, music, sports and news."

"Audacy owns eight radio stations in Kansas City: WDAF-FM: 106.5 The Wolf, KWOD-AM: 1660 The Score, KCSP-AM: 610 Sports Radio, KRBZ-FM: 96.5 The Buzz, KMBZ-FM: 98.1 KMBZ FM, KQRC-FM: 98.9 The Rock, KZPT-FM: 99.7 The Point, KMBZ-AM: Talk 980 AM"

More info here for subscribers . . .

Owner of 8 KC radio stations changes its name

The company said the change reflects its recent evolution from radio broadcasting to a multipronged audio content provider.


  1. A multiplatform audio content and entertainment entity? Hahahahahahahahahaha

  2. They just described spotify. They're about 5 years too late.

  3. Entercom conference room: Okay guys, things aren't going well and our business model is dying. What do we do?

    That one guy: Let's change our name throw a bunch of hot-button words into the press release announcing it. That will buy us time to cash out before anyone notices it's just a bunch of meaningless hot air.

    Everyone else: Sounds like a plan. Meeting adjourned.

  4. 91.9 FM is a godsend for kansas city.

  5. kansas city radio has seemed messed up for a long time. not sure why that might be.


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