Downtown Kansas City Old School Denny's Demolition Coming Soon

This dive that po-po used to meet with snitches informants and where old school political gamers talked shop will soon be nothing more than memory. 

Expect a developer nightmare to replace the high profile locale that specialized in high cholesterol offerings.

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Copaken Brooks plans to demolish Denny's across from Kauffman Center - Kansas City Business Journal

If you're a regular commuter to downtown Kansas City, chances are you've seen the Denny's location at the corner of Truman Road and Broadway. However, if you're still working from home a year into the pandemic, it's unlikely you'll know that the restaurant at 1600 Broadway shuttered in November.



    Between the Convention and Performing Arts Centers, developers played the City like a fiddle to acquire the Denny's site!!!

  2. Used to eat breakfast there once a month with friends. A kindly 75 year old woman with health issues said she slipped in the kitchen and hurt her back. Damn Denny's contested her claim and wouldn't pay her for time off. Bastards

  3. ^^but why was she in the Kitchen though? I wouldn't have paid her either. Damn busybody got what she deserved.

  4. ^^Give the old lady a break. She was collecting the leftover garbage to take home.
    Oh, wait. She was picking up a takeout order. Their usual menu and the garbage were one and the same.

  5. Dennys is a great restaurant, but they are a dying breed. I think the same waitress worked at all of the Dennys.

  6. I like the Denny's on Broadway. KC rolls up the sidewalk early and Denny's was open until twelve. The building was shot, it was cold in the winter time.

  7. We used to call it the Denny's of doom due to all the murders in the lot over the years.


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