Deadly Grandview Crash Mystery Solved

Tragic discovery and yet another reminder to drive carefully as roads have become even more dangerous post-COVID.

Check-it . . .

Body found in the woods 4 days after crash nearby in Grandview

GRANDVIEW, MO (KCTV) -- A search group of family members on Sunday found a driver's body in a wooded area of Grandview on Sunday, four days after that driver crashed on Byars Road. Grandview police responded around 9 p.m. last Wednesday to Byars Road near 133rd Terrace in reference to a crash.


  1. It’s another covid death. Count it fat fake dr wrecks!

  2. ^^Republicans are doubling down on being stupid.

  3. Nobody can be as stupid as you blieron

  4. they smell pretty ripe after being there for a few days

    probably how they found them

    the stentch

  5. Phone still in hand ?

  6. Story makes no sense. Was a crashed car found with no driver? Did the driver keep plunging on towards an area far beyond sensical boundries? Cops are better than anybody at reading the lay of the land and tire marks. Perhaps the new anti-cop agenda means they only look like they are investigating then they get the hell outta there when the "victim" is known to be a "perp". 92% of single car accidents involve somebody who finds themselves in the afterlife watching drivers ed films and going "oh shit , how could I be so stupid".

  7. Who cares its shithole Grandview....... what a godforsaken no mans land.

  8. Its common that car wreck victims are dazed and wander a long ways from the wreck. That gal last year that had a wreck / DUI that was in police custody for a day was NOT ok the next day when they released her and she tried to walk home over rough terrain, went missing, and her body found weeks later in a creek.

    Wreck victims often wander aimlessly. Dementia patients who get loose ALWAYS wander off and go to straight bodies of water, a river, pond etc. If your ever looking for an older person with memory issues thats wander off - go straight to the nearest body of water. They will be there or will meet you there.


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