Saturday, March 06, 2021

Critics Cite USDA Brain Drain After KC Move

A talking point from Beltway insiders earns more coverage as D.C. wants jobs back.


Reality check: 

This is national "news" hoping to steal back good paying Kansas City jobs by way of a manufactured crisis.

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USDA relocations to Kansas City curtail ag research, farmer confidence

BELLE PLAINE, Kan. (AP) - More than a year after two U.S. Department of Agriculture research agencies were moved from the nation's capital to Kansas City, Missouri, forcing a mass exodus of employees who couldn't or didn't want to move halfway across the country, they remain critically understaffed and some farmers are less confident in the work they produce.


Anonymous said...

"Some farmers are less confident in the work they produce."

This is the way a lazy journalist hides the fact that he interviewed two farmers and one of them said what he wanted. In view of such obvious bias, he story is simply not to be believed without much more objectively reported fact.

Anonymous said...

The only brainiacs in America live near the East Coast. Kind of like Gov. Cuomo. Ask them and they will tell you how brilliant they are.

Anonymous said...

Do not believe this liberal propaganda. K State, Mizzou, Iowa State etc. produce lots of Ag scientists but liberals want everything on the east coast. The idea that area farmers are worried about it is complete nonsense. Shame on KCTV 5 for siding with east coast bureaucrats over
Kansas City.

Bandit said...

Sounds like Blue Anon BS.

Anonymous said...

It's the "Swamp" bullsh*t all over again. Basement Biden is in office so they cry like babies about the injustice of moving agency jobs to the Midwest. Whaaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

there are many smart stem-educated folks from kansas and surrounding states.

proof is shown by kansas city's many illustrious engineering firms.

keep the ag center here and it'll be great in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri Farmers could give a shit about Washington D.C. and care even less if the Department of Ag is in Washington D.C. or Kansas City.

Makes more sense that the Dept of Ag be in the Midwest where the farmers actually are. Missouri, Kansas State and Iowa State have outstanding Ag and Research facilities.

The biggest private Ag company, Pioneer, is located in Iowa as well as other Ag Research companies.