COVID Variant Discovered In Kansas

A glimpse at the next stage in the global plague moving closer . . .

KMBC: Douglas County health officials report 1 new case of B.1.1.7 variant

Developing . . .


  1. I highly doubt this.

  2. The common cold virus constantly mutates, there are always be new variants.

  3. COVID Variant Discovered In Kansas

    Serious scientific observers are naming the variant: "Kelly Norman BS strain"

  4. Hope KC Region takes this seriously-

    35% more transmissible - Most US cases were traced back from Florida.
    But most believe that it will be the dominate variant in the US soon.

    Early projections showed could be up to 35% more deadly.

    Bottom line is Covid19 is here to stay - so be smart and continue to social distance, wear a mask and wash your hands. The life you save maybe your own.

  5. But, they knew the B.!.!.7 variant when they saw it, & you keyboard know-it-alls are still pretending it's the Flu.

    What's really sad is that Fox News (chuckle) viewers can't see what whack jobs Hannity & Carlson are.

    I wouldn't believe these two clowns if they told me what day it is.

  6. ^^^ You’re a stupid idiot, now bend over and stick that “non assault” rifle up your ass

  7. How gullible do you have to be to still buy this BS?

  8. Is it a covid variant or a result of a rushed flawed 'vaccine' which actually causes the disease?

  9. 3/25/21
    People were dying of Covid19 way before the "rushed flawed vaccine" that happens to be saving lives by reducing the severity of the disease progression.

    If you don't want to get vaccinated, the please wear a mask or keep away from others.

    Look at what is happening in Brazil ...
    Reuter's, reported 100,158 new cases and $2,777 deaths within the past 24 hours. It is NOT a political issue -

  10. If you don't want to get vaccinated, please die fast. Thanks.

  11. MAGA folks - buy and wear some masks. 600,000 dead from the "weak strain" of covid19 in the USA.

    Think what this will do.

    Anti-vaxers : do you want to live or die? Get smart. Get a vaccine. Trump did!

  12. Wow lots of fake concern trolling by the Vax ppl.

    Trump did not get the Vax, actually his old out of shape fat ass got covid and got over it no problem.

  13. @2:19 AM
    Trump and wife received vax in January.
    Simple search will confirm.
    FYI, don't use Fake if you're going to misinform.

  14. Except for the black folks, the former Anti vaxxers are getting vaccinated at an alarming rate. Just ask the family of the Nursing home serial GOV. First in line, weez mfer impotent. Bitch get over here and serve me, put on that hot nursing costume. May I smell your hair ? Atleast black folks are holding out for their anti vax beliefs.


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