COVID Killed Opportunity In Kansas

Red State domination doesn't equal economic prosperity and given the GOP Super Majority in the state house, this one is hard to blame solely on the Guv.

Translation . . . This economic info is a big part of the reason the Sunflower State has trouble keeping younger residents and vice versa.

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Kansas ranks near the bottom of real personal income growth - The Sentinel

A report last week from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows Kansas ranks near the bottom of states in real (inflation-adjusted) personal income growth for the third quarter of 2020 compared to a year ago. Kansas was 48th in total personal income change, with growth of 2.61%; only North Dakota and Wyoming did worse.


  1. Anyone who has lived in Kansas or Kansas City knows that Governor Brownback and the Republican MAGATS absolutely destroyed the state of Kansas. Their huge trickle down economics tax cut depleted the state and left it decimated. It ain’t never coming all, either.

  2. ^^^ good point.

  3. ^^ Yet, I am doing great. Something you have never seen ( This Gov. or last, or 4 back), nor will you. Waiting on Free cheese to feed a welfare rat is not a success system of obtainment.

  4. Yes indeed. I have done well my entire life as well. Must be the investment in my education, my personal drive and my talent that did it. Not worried about a blame on a political party or system. Bitching is rarely a way of achievement. Try doing something of value instead. I think the comment above about "you have never seen, nor will you ." Speaks volumes for people that blame. MY CHARCTERISTICS vs. YOUR BLAME. Compare.

  5. ^^and yet you're here which means you've lost at everything you've ever done and are simply waiting to die. Weird.

  6. ^^What does that say about you?

  7. ^That I'm better than you. That's what it says and you know it.

  8. The DNC killed opprotunity in America. We cant have record low unemployment or the will get upset and buy russian dissinformation from a disgraced British spy


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