COVID Killed Kansas City Movie Theaters

An optimistic public radio screed is far too hopeful but provides a nice topic to garner comments from keyboard know-it-alls.

Reality check . . . Going to the movies was always a drag but nowadays it's not worth the health risk. The impact of the pandemic forever changed the biz and even the most talented execs will have a hard time convincing the public to give up the comforts of home to sit in a gross auditorium and pay top dollar for mediocre food served by people who absolutely despise patrons.

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Going To The Movies Has Been A Kansas City Tradition For More Than A Century. Will It Survive The Pandemic?

Just as we were starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, the announcement came. Yet another staple of Kansas City life would not be seeing the other side. It was curtains for the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet, a cinema in the Power & Light district.


  1. A Rabbi's opinion :

  2. Of course the fact 80% of movies suck doesn't have anything to do with it.

  3. there haven't been any movies people are dying to see

  4. All the movies suck.

  5. It's clear the Hollywood Libtards have lost all of their creative juices for making good movies thanks to God Almighty as punishment for their lying, cheating, bearing false witness and cancel culture. Only a return to truth, liberty and the American way will their creativity be restored. Don't hold your breath.

  6. not willing to wear a hazmat suit to a movie and wouldn't feel comfortable otherwise.

  7. Marty Scorsese is correct.

  8. Why go to yet another session of woke programming?

  9. Nothing like spending $20 for a movie and $10 popcorn to have loud-mouth African Americans talking loud and screaming at the movie screen ruining the movie.

    Plus, sitting in a chair sticky with spilled pop and gosh knows what is not enjoyable.

    Over priced for crappy entertainment and environment.

    Used to be a fun experience when audiences were polite and prices more reasonable.

  10. I miss the old days, when I could change my Depends during intermission and get some milk duds at the concession stand. Ah, the good old days.

    Your Commander in Chief,

    President Craps his Pants Joe Biden


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