Convicted Hate Crime Mass Shooter Appeals Death Penalty Sentence

File this one under fool for a client . . .

"The appeal from Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. is scheduled to go before the state Supreme Court on Monday. He was convicted of one count of capital murder, three counts of attempted murder, and assault and weapons charges in August 2015. Miller’s attorneys argue that the Johnson County Court judge who oversaw his trial should not have allowed him to represent himself. They say the judge did not consider whether Miller had mental health issues that would make him incompetent to represent himself in a complex capital case."

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Shooter at Kansas Jewish centers appeals death sentence

LIBERTY, Mo. (AP) - An avowed anti-Semite who shot three people to death at two suburban Kansas City Jewish sites in 2014 is asking the Kansas Supreme Court to overturn his death sentence, saying he should not have been allowed him to represent himself at trial. The appeal from Frazier Glenn Miller Jr.


  1. Well, of course, he was mentally ill.

    He was a white supremacist.

    That's a kind of personality disorder.

    1. It isn't though, outside your brainless woke rhetoric.

  2. The Bitter Truth3/29/21, 11:40 AM

    For a true meaning and view of a person with a personality disorder just check out Byron Funkhouser!

  3. He wanted to shoot Jewish people - but only shot Christians. Its true. The guy should be executed either way. Why didnt the police just shoot him dead?

  4. Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., a native of North Carolina, dropped out of high school and joined the United States Army, where he served 20 years and rose to the rank of master sergeant. He served two tours of duty in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

    He was present as a member of the National Socialist Party of America during the Greensboro massacre on November 3, 1979.

    During Miller's time as leader of the WPP, he unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Party's nomination for Governor of North Carolina in 1984.

    Miller was arrested on April 30, 1987, after authorities raided a mobile home he and others had rented in Ozark, Missouri, on numerous federal criminal charges in the company of three other men (Tony Wydra, Robert "Jack" Jackson, and Douglas Sheets), who were also taken into federal custody.[12][22] A cache of weapons was found inside, which included "C-4 plastic explosives, dynamite, pipe bombs, hand grenades, fully automatic M-16, AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, sawed off shotguns, pistols, cross-bows, and around a half-ton of ammunition".[23]

    Miller was indicted in May 1987 for violating 18, U.S.C. §876 (communicating a threat via U.S. mail). He pleaded guilty to avoid numerous other violations of federal law and was sentenced to five years in prison. After his arrest, Miller agreed to testify against several defendants in the Fort Smith sedition trial. He served three years (1987–1990) in federal prison following his conviction for weapons violations, as well as for violating the injunction proscribing him from engaging in paramilitary activities. When he was released, he was given the name Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., which he used for several years before ultimately reverting to his birth name. Legally, his name remains Cross.

    By 2002, Miller had moved to Aurora, Missouri. He tried to reenter the white supremacist movement by publishing a racist newsletter; however, people with a similar outlook responded with mixed reaction due to some regarding him as a traitor. In 2006, Miller ran as an independent write-in candidate against Rep. Roy Blunt, in the 7th Congressional District of Missouri. As a perennial candidate, he ran in the 2010 Senate election in Missouri, again as an independent write-in candidate.

    Miller lived for a time under an assumed identity as an FBI informant. During a trial hearing, where Miller received a five-year reduced sentence, details of his time as an informant were revealed, including an incident where Miller was arrested for engaging in sexual acts with a black cross-dressed male prostitute in a vehicle.

    Miller had gone to a KCMO-area casino the afternoon prior to the shootings. Convinced that he was dying from emphysema, and having been under intermittent federal law enforcement surveillance for years, did Miller agree to participate in a planned active shooter crisis drill in exchange for federal healthcare services? If you review the details of the OPKS event, there are multiple unexplained discrepancies. The official narrative remains that it was an anti-Semitic terrorist attack, but of course no Jewish people were killed or injured in the event.

    How did Miller purchase a shotgun and handgun, as a convicted felon? Authorities say a sympathetic neighbor made the purchases for him. What happened to that man? He received a plea bargain of 5 years probation and authorities claimed he had "limited cognitive abilities." The whole story seems like a staged event.

    1. His friend bought the gun for him. His friend was charged for this crime.

      Do more research.

  5. ^^TL/DR. Nobody has any kind of time for this.

    1. You do, Dr. Chimpy! C'mon! We need more. Monkey science in the other thread where you showed your ass again and got crushed! Lolol

  6. Thought this dude had cancer which was several years ago.

  7. If he were black he would’ve gotten probation

  8. He certainly would be a Trump supporter. And attacked the Capital on Jan 6th. maybe even killed a cop or done real serious damage to the building. He should be executed for his crimes. This week!


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