This afternoon progressive politicos gathered in Kansas City's urban core to support the Prez Biden agenda and stand up for the Asian American community who confront increasing threats.

Sadly, there weren't many Asian Americans in the crowd or on stage but the sentiments still hoped for a happy ending in the face of hateration . . .

KSHB: Rep. Cleaver denounces racism after Atlanta-area killings


"Cleaver has tweeted that he is "heartbroken" for the victims and their families of the attack that sent terror through the Asian American community, which has increasingly been targeted during the coronavirus pandemic."

A call for unity and chiding of American popular culture . . .

"Rep. Cleaver referenced the tragedy as a case of what may happen when hateful rhetoric goes unchecked. And he said the world should understand that “the people of goodwill are in the majority.”

“God has been so good to this nation — far better than we deserve,” Cleaver said. “And yet, we still can’t get over skin color.”

Local political support for Prez Biden and a shot at GOP opposition . . .

Rep. Cleaver, who is co-sponsoring (The Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act ) legislation, said he is confident the bill will pass the House, though he is worried about its likelihood of surviving a Senate evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans.

“When legislation comes up like that, there’s a very strong likelihood that 140 (or) 150 people will vote against it,” Cleaver told

More importantly, here's a line that deserves to be highlighted amid reports regarding the deadly Atlanta mass shooting that sparked so much concern . . .

"THE SUSPECT told police that the attacks were not racially motivated. He claimed to have a sex addiction, and authorities said he apparently lashed out at what he saw as sources of temptation."

Developing . . .


  1. I hope this means that some of us in the urban core will be nicer to all of the asian and immigrant store owners. They often get treated like crap and many of Congressman Cleaver's constituents are the worst offenders.

  2. Congressman Carwash, take a break from your job as a national laughingstock for a second. Will you discuss the race of most of the perpetrators of these crimes against Asians? Or be transparent about the generally accepted origin of the virus in China?

    Fake reverend Cleaver, the reason why we can't get over skin color is that you piss all over Dr. King's dream every day.

  3. Cleaver is about as big a douche idiot as biden.

    THere are absolutely no facts that this was stop the discourse, you as an alleged leader are doing nothing but further a racism narrative with no such facts.

    Here's a fact, he's an admitted sex addict and he targeted those places he had frequented and the media speculates (not fact) that the spa workers working there may have engaged in sex with him. Again a fact not supported by any evidence, here's a fact; the media by speculating it this way are trying to further a racist narrative due to the recent attacks on Asians.

    One last fact; Cleaver has made a living and career with racism and is a disgrace as an elected member of congress and as a pastor who should be trying to help heal. He like jesse jackson and al sharpton is an opportunist!!

  4. Covid 19 hate crimes act? Can we use this against Chyna for murdering over a half million us citizens?

    Or Is he directing this at the murderous racist blacks that have been targeting the Asian community or is this another sorry ass and lie filled racist atttack against white people again?

    His dementia is really getting the best of him.

  5. A few of the victims were white. RIP woke-media narrative.

  6. WTF are you guys talking about, have you lost your ability to think and reason?

  7. The most crimes against racial groups in America come from within their own group. The one exception is there is more black-on-Asian crime than Asian-on-Asian crime.

  8. Covid 19 hate crimes act? Can we use this against Trump for murdering over a half million us citizens due to his inaction?

  9. These fuckers will not stop until you are under their complete control or dead.

    The bolshivic revolution continues.

    1. The Bolsheviks were a radical, far-left, and revolutionary Marxist faction founded by Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Bogdanov that split from the Menshevik faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP), a revolutionary socialist political party formed in 1898, at its Second Party Congress in 1903.

      I think the revolution is over since they're all dead.

  10. Never let the facts get in the way of your predetermined narrative.
    In case you haven't noticed, it's Asian-American victimization time.
    The latest in an endless calendar of put-upon individuals and groups.
    The Atlanta perpetrator stated he had a sex addiction and decided that attacking the spas where he had "done business" was a solution to his problem.
    The fact that most of the spas had a majority of Asian women working in them was purely coincidental. Most "massage" parlors are similarly staffed.
    If this loser had had a barbecue addiction and came up with the same "solution", most people who would have been hurt would likely have been black.
    Everyone isn't "racist" and every event isn't a "hate crime".
    Those words have been made completely meaningless by the very people who hold them so dear.

  11. Watching Demeted Joe fall up the stairs today reassured me the Dimwits truly do abuse the elderly. Cleaver voters hate Asians, elderly, other Cleaver voters......and they blame others for their own criminality. Let’s pass a law making black fathers stay in their households.


  13. I love black people. Black people hate others. They even hate their own race, look at the black on black crime, aborted black babies. When will blacks start loving others?

  14. BLM is gonna get pissed off theure being pushed out of the limelight by the minority race who are a constantly upstaging them in every way. Brace yourselves for more black on Asian violence compliments of the Democrat fascists pushing this garbage.


    Rep. Cleaver denounces racism after Atlanta-area massage parlor killings:

    "If we're all to enjoy a HAPPY ENDING to this latest episode of systemic racism, we must no longer tolerate being JERKED around by PUBIC officials who KNEAD the cover of darkness to COPULATE their schemes. Amen and Asian womyn."

  16. ^^^ @11:28 wins the thread hands down.

  17. I hope this means he also killed white people and stated that he did it for his sexual addiction. Only understanding that if Asians didn't fill the industry with workers, He would have killed all white crackhead whores instead of Asians whores. Seems people would be more worried about "white" slavery and why we allow the sex industry to be filled with these people and available in any town larger than 100,000 people. Tug and squirts are the legalized brothels of our times. Ask yourself where these people came from and are they willing doing this ? Then go back to the bitch pit and ask about human rights , exploitation and why we allow it. Or the illegal mexican kids your uncle fester has to have give him head

  18. 11:28 brilliant!

    By the way, does the cleave stand against all the racist murderous blacks that have killed white people in kc over the last five years or more?

    Seems awfully quick to drop racist hate against a white guy in Atlanta but ignores the black on white murders that have been going on for years in his own city.....


  19. Hey Cleaver we are all sick of you so shut your big black blubber lips. You no good son of a bitch and that's right your mother is a black bitch.

  20. Liberals never let the facts get in the way of the issues.

  21. more black people are shot and killed every weekend in Chicago and I have never once heard Beaver Cleaver say a word... doesn't fit his narrative of whitey consumed by hatred for all the other races


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