Complaint Targets Overland Park Police Chief After Shooting Death Of Teen John Albers

A golden ghetto crisis persists and now includes allegations against a Johnson County top cop.

Check-it . . .

KSHB: Complaint claims Overland Park police chief filed false report

Deets and the main argument . . .

"A government agency can't give away taxpayer money for no reason, and if an employee submits a resignation for personal reasons, the employer can't just give them a going-away present of taxpayer money," an ACTIVIST said. "So there had to be a bargain struck in which the city was receiving something in exchange for its money, and if the bargain was that THE OFFICER would agree to resign and not to sue the city in exchange for $70,000, then that's what should have been on the report to the commission.”

Developing . . .


  1. What is this golden ghetto bullshit?

  2. You hate to see it!

  3. That was his fee for the hit on the kid. It's sliding scale, based on geographic demographics. It's only 25K on the east side of Troost. Just bidness, ya know?

  4. An activist said...ok, well you can bet OPPD cleared the settlement with their internal legal staff, but if an activist said...

    Btw, when do mommy and daddy start to take responsibility for this mess?

  5. ^^same time you do for yours CHUD? Don't hold your breath.

  6. "A government agency can't give away taxpayer money for no reason..." But they can and do give away a lot of taxpayer money for manufactured reasons. Coming soon to a government agency near you: reparations.

  7. Soon? Reparations are a thing in IL. Isn't big gov't great?

    1. How about 'reparations' which are only paid to those who return to Africa. If they choose to stay in the United States aren't they acknowledging that they are better off as a result of leaving Africa many years ago?

  8. This is all about a mom who left a kid in a bad situation and is guilty of failure to protect him. She is pushing this narrative as well as a couple of clueless "action" reporters. Nothing new was learned from this release but those dogs just keep fighting over a bone with no meat on it. The DA reviewed it and said the policeman was justified in the shooting. Sorry the kid got killed but mom left the keys to the car in the house.

  9. Thís was awhile ago, but didn't the mom call the police?


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