Cinematic Kansas City COVID Comeback

Local hype for movies that really aren't that good or as fun as playing video games with no option to pause and also require patron to wear pants . . . Take a peek:

Almost all AMC Theaters opening back up nationwide, including in Kansas City metro

LEAWOOD, Kan. - Across the Kansas City metro, people are grabbing their popcorn, candy and seats at movie theaters once again. A year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Leawood-based AMC Theaters to close all its locations nationwide. But even after many locations reopened, some patrons were still apprehensive.


  1. Oh, goodie. Sitting in filthy seats to watch more lame movies from Hollywood Libtards.

  2. ^^^

    Actually they are hurting and Hollywood reptilians and pedo's are not doing so well either. Most of them have been reduced to selling shampoo or enemas.

  3. AMC is owned by the Red Chinese. Attend at your own risk.

  4. Movie theaters now showing: DEAD-MAN WALKING

    Income -3656.80M
    Book/sh -18.91
    Insider Trans -93.83%

    Coming to a graveyard near you.

  5. Pet Cemetery is shown after in a double feature with Night of the Living Dead.

  6. Marty Scorsese is correct.

    The popularity of comic book movies is a sure sign of a retarded populace.

  7. Some Actors and actresses are the most vain people on earth. We all act each day, to hide feelings or get our way. So acting is a natural human skill. Why they get millions and live in great places in Cali, travel the world, for doing the same thing we do is beyond me. Acting in a 2 hour movie is not the same as a 2,800 hour year of travel and competitive sales to worldwide firms which amounts to hundreds of millions in sales and products that make human life better. Acting is a kids thing, kids act, they also play football and basketball. But when adults do the same thing its given godlike status and huge sums of money are paid out. Then the award shows, where they pat themselves on the back and jockey for the next assignment. Sharon Stone, you care to comment to my posting? Your the only sane actress I can think of....

  8. Exactly what movies are we supposed to rush out and see at an AMC theater near you? There is nothing - absolutely nothing - that any of us wish to see and shell out a bunch of money to see in a theater. We have made the transition to watching movies at home and it is much better.

  9. ^^Thank God! Then you won't be at the theatres fucking it up for the rest of us!

    1. But Chimpy! You can't leave the zoo! Stop pretending. Lol


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