Check Pretty Pix From Inside The Doomed Kansas City Convention Hotel

This town backed a hotel project worth HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF BUCKS and then the plague came and FOREVER CHANGED the way that Americans conduct biz.

Still, the elegant images of this empty taxpayer-subsidized palace offer a beautiful glimpse of what might have been . . . Take a look:

Kansas City Loews Portfolio Pics - Eric Bowers Photoblog

Kansas City Loews Portfolio Pics - Resuming from an exterior view near the Convention Center, a few window and glass pics for a group of construction subcontractors. I've been piecing this collection together periodically since last fall. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, early 2021.


  1. Weed, wine and women...........

  2. Tired Taxpayer3/5/21, 10:25 AM

    This hotel was predicted to fail years ago, long before covid.

  3. ^^^^^Many of us said so before it was built.

  4. How has it failed?

    Or is everything other than Bob Evans and Motel 6 a failure in your minds?

  5. Why not house homeless there?

  6. maybe they could get Josh Hawley to do some ads for them.


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