Case Against Kylr Yust Jeopardized If Secretly Recorded 'Confession' Thrown Out

Whilst we're sure amateur keyboard lawyers might have "guidance" on this one . . . The decision on a clandestine recording could thwart prosecutors. 

Moreover, a jury might not be convinced by the sketchy and somewhat circumstantial tactic. 

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FBI's 'recorded confession' by Kylr Yust debated before upcoming trial

A judge could rule next week on whether to withhold an FBI audio recording from Kylr Yust's upcoming double-murder trial containing Yust's "recorded confession" for the death of Kara Kopetsky.Yust is accused of killing the 17-year-old Belton High School student after she went missing in 2007.

Update . . .

The motion to dismiss the trail was denied as most expected.

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  1. The FBI tape sounds a little like entrapment to me. Stupid move by the FBI.

  2. He will still get the same penalty. No changes there.

    Well Q-anon people, and MAGA folks - Trump was not placed back in the Presidency as you claimed would happen yesterday. Are you ready to admit that your ideas are 100% wrong? Whats next - a UFO for Trump to fly in? JFK returns? Gasoline goes back to 20 cents? Lawn darts are sold at toy stores again?


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