Broke-Ass Busted Kansas City Infrastructure Worsens Springtime Flooding

This town confronts a rising tide of problems in the coming days, weeks, months & years. Here's a preview of a longstanding crisis that also threatens to sink cars and possibly drown people over the next few months . . . Take a look:

3 drivers prompt water rescues on same flooded street in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three vehicles reportedly got stuck in a high-water problem spot this morning as heavy rain fell in the KC metro. The Kansas City Fire Department reported that two feet of water pooled under the bridge at Ninth Street and Hardesty Avenue on March 17.


  1. Got two words KC..... GO BOND and you idiots passed it so it's your mistake and your misfortune to let your tax dollars be handled by racist democrat black people. Bend Over!

  2. Yeah but isn't that toy train neat?

  3. 9th and Hardesty has flooded for the last 75 years. Chouteau Trafficway just past Super Flea always floods. And where Wilson Road goes under the train tracks always floods. And, when I say, "always floods" it means "always floods." Nothing to see here.

  4. It’s every citizen for themselves cuz Q is running for US Senate and he doesn’t care how bad the flooding or homicide rate is in KCMO.

  5. Some drainage infrastructure would cure that but then they'd have to quit spending money on stupid shit nobody needs or wants.

  6. Why the fuck does the Fire Department have to report there is pooling water under a fucking bridge.

    I thought the Fire Department was supposed to fight fires but I guess they ran out of things to do other than watch porn and spoon each other in the fire house while sleeping while getting paid.


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