Brady Crowns Mahomes: The GOAT

An EXCELLENT TKC reader find, pro football tribute and a nice off-season gesture that might not prove not help pay for a decent O-Line.

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LeSean McCoy: Tom Brady believes Patrick Mahomes has what it takes to become GOAT

Patrick Mahomes missed an opportunity to unseat Tom Brady as the GOAT with a loss to the legendary quarterback in Super Bowl LV. Brady isn't ready to write off Mahomes' chances of dethroning him just yet.


  1. MAGA GOAT QB stomps mudhole in One and Done blm mouthpiece QB and walks him dry again!

    An autographed Tom Brady rookie card sold for $1.32 million on Thursday, shattering the previous record for the highest known price ever fetched for a football card. And just like last month's Super Bowl, Brady got the best of Patrick Mahomes.

    A signed Mahomes rookie sold at auction last month for $861,000, briefly holding the record that Brady's card broke Thursday by $459,000.

    Trading card broker PWCC Marketplace announced Thursday's sale to a collector and Brady fan named James Park.

  2. What Mahomes lacks in self-discipline he makes up for with obnoxiousness.

  3. Tampa Bay 31 - Chiefs 9

    Tom Brady - 3 TD's - 0 INT's

    Patty Cakes - 0 TD's - 2 INT's

  4. Cmon guys,Patty Cakes leads with bastard half breeds so lets give him that

  5. Tom Brady's wife is a satanist so he's on top for now due to a pact they have with satan. The time will come when they will have to give satan his dues. As for Mahomes he is focused on one thing only and that is rebellion against being a black man and an ugly one at that. He and the rest of the chiefs made asses out of their selves at the game and I for one cheered when they lost. Mahomes just wants to be seen and it's what he gets for ruining the parade for everyone. He's a pretty cheap shot.

    1. Hopefully Pattys kid doesnt come out looking like Lemelo Ball

  6. 8:02 for the win.

  7. 8:49: Are you and Baby Burt drinking from the same Kool Aid bowl? You're both nuckin' futz.

  8. Who in the Fuck cares about Mahomes or super bowl. Its over.. Time to support baseball. Paying taxes and keeping lights on. Otherwise let the immigrants live there so they can shit in the turf.


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