Best Of Kansas City COVID Comeback!!!

This KC mag is reviving a pre-COVID tradition in order to help local biz relaunch.

Check their pitch, voting rules and a sign that the traditional Kansas City street level hustle is already underway.

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Best of KC is back-here's when 2021 nominations launch

The Best is back. After a record-breaking year, Kansas City magazine is preparing to launch the 2021 edition of the Best of KC. Our annual reader's choice poll will make its return this Friday, April 2. On that day, you can begin writing in your favorites in three-hundred categories, from best burnt ends to best wedding videographer.


  1. People are still dying of Covid...I know a lawyer who is preparing lawsuits against busineses that aren't practicing social distancing and mask wearing on behalf of customers who get Covid.

    Win or lose, the businesses will pay PLENT of $$$ if only to defend the suits.

    He gets many people to pay just to get the suit dropped.

    I want to be like him!!!

    1. So, a scumbag ambulance chaser profiting from a worldwide catastrophe. Congratulations.


  2. Well don't forget how many people have died of the vaccine that they are keeping quiet about. Over 3,000 in our country alone and going up. In order for a lawyer to sue they have to prove that someone had the virus so good luck to them with that it's will never stand. Needless to say that is a BS story.

  3. They are "keeping quiet" about it because it's statistically insignificant.


    Seventeen people out of 10,000? That's practically within the range of normal mortality.

    Conclusion: you can't do math, are not a medical statistician and therefore a mouthbreathing chucklowe.


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