Beleaguered Kansas City Boulevard Brewing Boasts Of Progress Despite Brand Damage

This formerly beloved local biz was nearly killed by a confessional on a glorified message board filled with angry hipsters locked down by the pandemic. 

Luckily, beer makers don't REALLY have to convince the legion of American alcoholics which has only grown since plague has kept Americans indoors and desperate to numb their pain.

Still, disgrace among the chattering class has been tough to overcome as the company struggles to return to their glory days. 

Real talk: Selling pricey brew to millennials is a tougher proposition given widespread market segmentation and a fickle consumer base that doesn't really care about local history and is far more susceptible to social media influence and constant clamoring for attention.

Accordingly . . .

Here's the statement from the boozy cowtown institution:

"We are committed to cultivating a collaborative workplace that is safe, healthy, and fulfilling for all of us. One where employees are positively empowered in their roles and take pride in working here each day. In addition to fostering these values within the brewery, it's our goal to promote diversity and inclusion in our community as well as within the craft beer industry."

They go on and offer an e-mail address for suggestions.

Here's one . . .

We humbly recommend that Blvd stop manufacturing beer-infused fruit punch and strengthen a line-up that hasn't seen any groundbreaking achievements since 1990.

Yes, improving inclusion and equity are important but actually advancing their offerings has the potential to make far more drunken locals just a little bit happier as well.   

Check the links . . .

KSHB: Investigation concludes into harassment allegations at Boulevard Brewing Company

KCTV5: Third-party investigation into behavior has wrapped up

Developing . . .


  1. Coming soon:

    Woke Wheat.

    You'll like it because you have to.

  2. i want to like blvd, but they suck. mexican beer, any of em, are so much better.

  3. Who cares? DST Systems Inc's male managers used female staff for sex for years, and when the strip clubs were on Broadway and 12th, they went there to see the dancers all the time. Its a much bigger story than a beer co.

  4. ^^^ and yet it's not. Weird.

  5. Lots of abortions happened with the DST Systems girls. Over 35 years, hundreds of abortions. Those managers used them girls like they were free hookers. But who cares?


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