Arrowhead MEGA Vaxx Event: The Last Hope Against Kansas City COVID Resurgence?!?

Big picture context . . .

The Hill: Fauci - We risk another COVID-19 surge if we declare victory now

Read more on the local 3rd District effort as locals are starting to get their notices to attend . . .

KCMO, Jackson County leaders hope Arrowhead mass vaccination event focuses on local residents

The mass vaccination event this Friday and Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium will serve 6,000 people, and the names for appointments will come from the Jackson County Health Department vaccination sign-up list and from the state of Missouri's vaccination sign-up list.And the hope and goal of local leaders are that the shots are for local residents, not people from outside the area that signed up on the lists."I don't have anything to do with that," Missouri State Sen.


  1. So fauci is trying to blame us citizens for a resurgence when in fact joe bidumb is letting infected illegal aliens from South America pour into the country by the hundreds of thousands, bidumbs policies are getting people killed, he’s completely unfit to run the country.

  2. Anybody in the troop A area is eligible for the shot, leave it to lickass and wrecks to complain once again.

  3. I'm in the Lickalottapuss Troop!

  4. People catch a glimpse of Joe Biden’s motorcade in Chester, Pennsylvania! 👋🏾 📸 👋🏾

  5. Super spreader event!

  6. Watch and think :

  7. Mike Parson already declared victory by doing nothing

  8. Oh wow look at the latest propaganda for the experimental shot, you can get it at the stadium, maybe see a chief.

    It's manufactured consent, see everyone cool is getting it, you do want to be cool!

    No long term studies for this type of "vaccine" still get it, still pass it on, still need masks, no good against "new variants" never been a "vaccine" for common cold corona virus.

    guinea pigs will be manipulated.

  9. Of course it will focus on KCMO. They are hand picking the people who get the vaccine from the "less served" community. If you want the vaccine, you need to relocate to the "less served" area where virtually all the focus is. They don't give a whit about the white woman in the burbs.

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    Wonder if Patty Cakes and Fat Andy will take a knee for Deshaun.

    Maybe Brit Reid can drink a case of Natty Lite in honor of Deshaun.

    NFL, like the Kansas City Red Star, is a bunch of hypocritical liars and will bankrupt themselves just like the Commie newspaper business.

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  12. Jackson County leaders hope Vaccination focuses on local residents????? Who the hell else would it focus on dumb asses?


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