Are Lawyers For Kylr Yust Winning?!?!

The Constitution guarantees EVERYONE the right to secure their best defense and their day in court. 

Like it or not, representation for this double murder suspect have been busy tearing apart the prosecution's case in the court of public opinion.

Their latest power move . . .

Kylr Yust's attorneys argue for new judge, trial location, dismissal of case

Defense attorneys for accused killer Kylr Yust are seeking a new judge, new trial location, and a dismissal of the case according to the latest court documents obtained by KMBC 9 Investigates.


  1. the Democrap greedy weasel Trial Lawyer for this asshole claims the case should be dismissed..

    because a dedicated cop spent his own time in furthering the investigation of these murders..

  2. ^^^ also because of humping. Don't forget the humping.

  3. This Yust guy is bad Hombre ..... The two murders were years apart. I don’t believe there not more in between ...... male or female victims .

  4. Those poor girls. They wanted a bad boy. They must have realized when he was killing them just how bad he was. And after they dated him too.

  5. Another white, male, serial killer. They are the most murderous race on the planet.


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