Against 'Outing' Students: Outraged Lenexa Kansas State House Rep. Launches Legislation In Defense Of Trans Youngsters

An upstart suburban Democratic politico pushes back against his colleagues with bill that has good intentions but probably isn't even worth printing given infinitesimal chances of acceptance in GOP-dominated Topeka.

Still, from our vantage, what's interesting is the "non-profit news" laser focus on this issue and a great deal of resources commuted to a culture war battle which impacts a relatively minuscule segment of the population.

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Kansas lawmaker says Senate's obsession with genitals warrants crime for outing LGBTQ kids | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Rep. Brandon Woodard introduced legislation Wednesday that would make it a crime to disclose a child's sexual orientation or gender identity. The Lenexa Democrat, one of three openly LGBTQ state lawmakers, said the bill was a direct response to a Senate plan to ban transgender girls and women from high school and college [...]


  1. Another lib that spends most of his time on trannies. Kansans aren't getting their money's worth from this simp.

  2. Glad that he is dealing with REAL problems for his constituents.

  3. Oh he's so outraged, so outraged, so outraged. Scary.

  4. So using children for sexual exploitation doens't enrage this idiot...probably because he is the on exploiting them for political points. Where is this asshat when these confused children turn into confused young adults that hang themselves in moms basement when their confusiion suddenly isnt brave anymore? Social experimentation on children should be OUTLAWED not sold in bs gumball wrapping for a culture war talking point. Shame on this asshat!

  5. Get woke loose ya weenie.

  6. When are the transgenders going to start their own small country and have their own Olympic Games? Maybe after they screw up the rest of our society and are happy with that.


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