Activist Clay Chastain Envisions 'Eco-City' For Cowtown In Latest Petition

Here's the latest push from KC's most prolific petitioner and the only guy to win a citywide rail vote. 

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Activist Clay Chastain releases genesis of petition to make Kansas City America's first Eco-City.

The petition's ballot question proposes a novel solution to prosper a City that is experiencing mounting problems beyond the reach of any federal stimulus money or glitzy new project. Kansas City will need a strong combination of social, economic and quality of life strengths to turn the tide and enjoy enduring success. The petition provides a lasting stimulus toward that aim.

Specifically, the petition represents an environmentally-conscious urban revitalization vision that recognizes Kansas City must upgrade into a more sustainable and healthy place to live. The petition breathes new life into our City via conservation and infrastructure improvements centered around reduced dependence on the car and a strong orientation to walking, cycling and use of alternate transport.

The framework of the petition includes...(a) A network of "Greenways" crisscrossing the City (connecting to major destinations) and consisting of separated lanes for walking, cycling and quick, quiet and clean transit. (b) A Multimodal Regional Transportation Center at Union Station. (c) Transformation of Downtown's forlorn Penn Valley Park into a vibrant, safe and car-free open green space.

If the petition is approved by voters, City leaders should organize a broad base of citizen-led committees (land-use, budget, technical expertise, public information, etc.) to insure direct citizen participation and a successful outcome.

*A costly, environmentally-insensitive and glutinous era of too many cars, freeways, parking structures, traffic and sprawl has overwhelmed and degraded urban environments across America.  Kansas City has a vital choice to make concerning its future. Continuing down this impoverished road (well traveled) will lead us to a barren dead end. The petition is KC's roadmap to take the road less traveled in leading America as its first "Eco-City". Our children, our planet and our future calls us to this action.

Kansas City Activist, Clay Chastain


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  1. "To solve the problem of building too many roads, we should build more roads."

    Fucking brilliant. Yet another brilliant chucklowe.

  2. Hooray for Clay, he is the only one who has ever had a decent plan for this town and the voters PASSED it!!!

  3. Cars are awesome. More parking lots and roads please.

  4. Clay, Dayton Ohio also has a number of problems and you don't live there either. Why not go bug them for 10-15 years?

  5. And boom, anything gov mandated eco is the realm of progressives. Clay isn't and never was anything conservative or even republican. Just a different flavor of progressive. Guess they do have some infighting on a small scale.

  6. Does this chode licker even live in kc anymore


    Chastain explained his vision for a skateboard transportation system while sidewalk surfing!!!


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