Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Westport Ale House Comeback Announced

This news happened last week on Friday and nobody really cared, and so they put out another presser and local newsies dutifully picked it up.

Here's the Kansas City booze news follow-up coverage for our insomniac friends . . .

Westport Ale House and The Fall reopening after being shuttered for four months

Westport Ale House and The Fall will be reopening after voluntarily shutting their doors due to COVID-19. They closed on November 16, 2020, to proactively protect staff members and the community. "When they were moving 3 a.m. licenses to 10 o'clock for the bar business, the most responsible decision was to close down," says partner Scott Mars.


Anonymous said...

About the fourth time this has been featured here, apparently Tony can't find someplace else to drink at.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, another sports bar. Can't get that anywhere else.