Vehicles Tagged 'Pig' In Kansas Sheriff's Lot

Anti-police sentiment and vandalism still raged this week despite arctic temperatures.

Here's the aftermath:

Douglas County Sheriff: 'PIG' written on 3 vehicles at law enforcement center

Douglas County Sheriff's Office SOURCE: Douglas County Sheriff's Office The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is looking for whoever vandalized three vehicles late Thursday or early Friday.Authorities said someone wrote "PIG" on the vehicles overnight in the parking lot of the Judicial Law Enforcement Center, one of them was a marked sheriff's office SUV.Anyone with information about vandalism is asked to call Douglas County Crime Stoppers at 785-843-8477 or the non-emergency line at 785-843-0250.


Anonymous said…

It was BLM / ANTIFA and everyone knows it. Time to stop these terrorists, I'm sick of these people and the way they are babied.
Just do what people in Portland are doing; leaving in droves. Pretty soon it will just be populated by democrats, drug addicts and fleas
Anonymous said…
The Libtards love to graffiti before they burn, loot and kill.
Anonymous said…
Chimpy got choomed, and did it!
Anonymous said…
When the police can't even protect their own can they protect anyone else's?
When seconds count the police are only minutes away.