Twitter Cancels Gateway Pundit

The social media giant continues its crackdown on the extreme right wing in ways that haven't been reciprocated for activists on the other side of the political spectrum. Their latest deletion concerns a blogger out of STL that was always overestimated, only shared by white dudes over 50 and never made me laugh.

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Twitter banned Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft

Jim Hoft, the founder and editor-in-chief of far-right news site Gateway Pundit, was permanently suspended from Twitter Saturday after he violated the social media platform's "civic integrity policy."


  1. Jim had a great blog but he was ALWAYS wrong. Consistently, I on't think he was doing it on purpose but he just constantly posted inaccurate news. More so than even this blog, and that's saying something.


  2. There's no Big Tech censorship you guys!

  3. Cancel every single one of these MAGAT fuckers. You lost. Buh-bye!!

  4. ^^^^ Ok dumbfuck, you’re cancelled! Hahahahaha!


  5. "1984" has 2021..thanks, Demoncraps and their billioaire tech overlords ..

  6. Libs are in charge of tech. Libs can't argue facts. Poor little bastards.

  7. The Demoncraps are such hypocrites.

    Check out Nancy Pelosi's Tweet from May 16, 2017:

    "Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocracy & #FollowTheFacts."

  8. Everyone should just get off Twitter and facefuck, I did and it feels so much better!

  9. Hahaha - we do not Twatter in our lives. They are cancelling MAGA people because they are afraid of the truth and afraid of their stolen election getting more publicity. Where are the liberals of the 1960s who supported the First Amendment, even if the idiots speaking were wrong? Those liberals are long gone and we now have Fascist Liberals who will muzzle any speech not approved by the Liberal Politburo.


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