Saturday, February 27, 2021

TKC Saturday Night Playlist: COVID Inspires Bad Poetry Comeback In Kansas City

The pandemic sparked radical change in the lives of people throughout the world, helped to shift the balance of political power and transformed the fundamentals of the American economy. But worse than all of these things . . . The pandemic has sparked renewed interest in Kansas City poetry.

Proof for those who haven't seen it yet . . .

Amanda Gorman's Success Sparked Big Interest In Poetry, But Kansas City Has Long Been a Hot Spot

Money line . . .

"For decades the Midwest Poets Series, The Writers Place, and Poetic Underground — to name just three groups — have supported and promoted poetry as a way of interacting with other people and with the world . . . 

But a lot of 2020 still requires processing. [A local poetry advocate] points to a line in Gorman's inaugural poem: "a nation that isn't broken / but simply unfinished." That, she says, "seems to offer us a way forward as a country, acknowledging past wrongs and traumas while also saying the founding ideals are still relevant and worth keeping."

For better and worse, poetry doesn't offer any respite from divisive culture war politics.

Example . . .

Dutch writer will not translate Amanda Gorman's poem after 'uproar' that a white author was selected

Accordingly, we make a Saturday night promise that will probably be betrayed like all gentle words spoken after dark on the weekend . . . 


That's not totally fair because there are actually quite a few talented Kansas City poets BUT it's a starting point that should discourage enough people to benefit the entire community overall. 

And all of THAT inspires tonight's playlist of songs inspired by poems . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Silly, silly man.


Anonymous said...

Don't laugh at your own joke dork.


Greedo said...

Actually some pretty good songs in there. Thanks, T.

Anonymous said...

+1 on Layla.

Anonymous said...

At least a few good resources for better writing here. Dumbass.

Angela K. said...

I get the sarcasm but Kansas City's poetry scene is magnificent. There are more than just a few good poets. There are wonderful communities of poetry and people who appreciate art and expression. I suggest that some of you get out of your political bubbles and find something more enriching like local poetry. Those links are a good start for better pastimes than just arguing about what you see on the news.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Roses are red
violets are blue
Mayor 10-10-10
Will shut down a biz or two

Wear masks wear mask
Wrecks Archer will yell
No schools up to the task
Their grades all fell

With hands out for money as they are so broke
Liberalism in the ass- it gave them a poke
Eateries all closed- many closed for good
Yet cities to the south- they all served full food

You ask why KC leaders- failed their masses
Dumb question my friend- they elected some asses
The future may look just a little bit bleak
As Wrecks and Mayor 10-10-10- they really do reek.

Move out- move out- while you still can
Cause taxes are coming- higher than Uncle Sam
They still have money- for whites to ride the trolley
That’s leaderships plan- damn bad folly

Kinda bad and well very very lame
Sad to see KC- go down the drain
Up in the sky - you’ll see the last vapor
As KC closes- the shitty KC Star paper

The media helped wreck- and joined the mayor in bed
The Commie Star journal- its Commie and Red
Vote Conservative next time- give KC a fair chance
Cause now it’s in the land - of never and cants

-Author Unknown

Cluncker said...

^^^ Bravissimo!

I didn't know it but KC is a place for poets!

Anonymous said...

That’s some god poetry there.
Needs a title.
I looked it up and found the tile 3 titles:

1. Ode to Kansas Shitty
2. Mayor 10-10-10- We need more money
3. We will cut the budget- raise taxes and declare victory!

Anonymous said...

isn't a pity
isn't a shame
life went to shit
and i went insane

Anonymous said...


Tactlessness and without talent at TKC.

Sorry CHUDS. You're not as clever as you think you are.

This is like a bad episode of the gong show. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Better than you CHUD NUTS.

Anonymous said...

I think that I shall never see,
A President that lies as much as thee............(meant for Donald Trump, Liar & Cheater)

Anonymous said...

does 1:22 think it is clever? HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

^Did your wife really ever love you before she died? Hahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

A poetry reading during the super bowl coin toss!

I can’t add a punch line to that!

Anonymous said...


At the inauguration, Amanda Gorman read a poem
Asked of Biden, she didn't know him
Told he was a racist serving in the Senate
She said "I'm now a celebrity poet, fame is my tenet."

In 2021, to be the star of the show
You better not be White, or be on the down-low
You're a person of color, out queer or transgender
Obnoxious and loud, an equal opportunity offender

You seek out the media to spread your nonsense
They gave you a show "In Defense of the Dense"
Now a star for the Left, you interview loonies
Kelly, Davids, Lucas, Baker, liberal interlopers stuck in the boonies

The destination they all dream of and seek
Is a home in the swamp amongst the wretched and weak
Either D.C. or NYC, the stench is the same
Get as much as you can, while pointing the finger of blame!