Friday, February 26, 2021

The Pitch Serves Betty Rae’s Ice Cream Cover Story That Nobody Really Wanted

A small biz cash out now seems more like local social media manipulation as most people NEVER asked to know this much about the couple's personal life.

Yes, there's a part II that's all blatant promo.

Grab some eyewash and a take a peek:

Betty Rae's Part 1: David Friesen and Mary Thao Nguyen provide exclusive postmortem on the events of late 2020

Kansas City, we are beyond excited and humbled to announce the reopening of Betty Rae's this spring under new ownership.... Posted by Betty Rae's Ice Cream on Monday, February 22, 2021 As of this week, Betty Rae's Ice Cream is under new ownership.


Anonymous said...

TL/DR fckn no way going to read that. Fck off Pitch and bettie rae.

Anonymous said...

and fck u mary and david

Anonymous said...

And Ben and Jerry are more fake than Tom and Jerry.