Monday, February 08, 2021

The Pitch Might've Lost Casino Advert Cash

Here's a worthwhile note from our hipster friends about secret reports that the public never really wanted to see in the first place . . . On the downside, this news MIGHT signal that the boats have stopped floating these hipsters any money.

Those back pages usually cost big bucks and their influence shouldn't be underestimated.

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Missouri Gaming Commission spent $400K on licensing report. It won't make it public

Creative Commons photo. // Courtesy of The Missouri Gaming Commission is citing attorney-client privilege for refusing to release a report on how it conducts licensing investigations. The report, prepared by a Kansas City law firm at a cost of almost $400,000, was received by the five-member commission during a closed session Jan.


Gus said...

If it's taxpayer funded a summary of it's purpose, scope, overall findings and cost should be made public. Anything related to activate investigations can be redacted.

Anonymous said...

Can you still smoke at the casino bars but not at the locally owned joint on the corner ?

Anonymous said...

Does any one know if this is being foia'd? It doesn't make a difference to me but I sure don't like taxes spent in secret