Show-Me More Push Back Against Upcoming Prez Biden Gun Crackdown

A glimpse at inevitable restrictions on gun rights . . .

The Hill: Biden pledges action on guns amid resistance

Local resistance from the GOP dominated statehouse:

With gun deaths climbing, Missouri lawmakers push to loosen firearm restrictions

While Missouri continues to struggle with one of the highest rates of gun deaths in the country, state lawmakers are advancing a litany of bills aimed at further loosening the state's gun laws. One proposal would allow guns on college campuses, while another would ban churches from prohibiting guns in places of worship.


  1. Biden has nothing to do with this nor does he have any authority over this. He's not the president.

  2. ^ your right about the first part. there are no executive orders or legislation. this is just fear-mongering

  3. Good,the law abiding public is better able to defend itself against all the hood rats.

  4. D卐M☭CRATs LIE2/15/21, 2:38 PM

    Come get them any time you want. Better bring a lunch.

  5. Calling murders “gun deaths” is a cheap political move to rationalize unconstitutional laws. Let’s hold people accountable, not inanimate objects.

  6. @2:38-where can I come to pick up your guns? Leave an address here tough guy...if you’re not just all talk, and I’ll. Be there soon.

  7. There are so many millions of guns in the USA they can never be confiscated. They can't even get them away from convicted felons or criminals. How would they even collect them from law abiding people? Buy used guns, that way there is no record of you owing them.

  8. Wen the Nazis rolled into Greece they stole everything. Even the poor gave up their bed sheets so the Nazis could sack up the loot.

  9. Just make them illegal so they’re not drugs.


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