Show-Me Hawley Against Alleged 'Kangaroo Court' Impeachment Of Prez Trump

The Missouri politico attempts to walk a fine line in support of Prez Trump but his nuance will be lost on a growing list of fiery opposition.

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Hawley condemns Jan. 6 riot but says Senate trial is 'kangaroo court'

Sen. Josh Hawley on Thursday condemned the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol but described this week's Senate impeachment trial proceedings against former President Donald Trump as "a total kangaroo court." "You're not going to get anything but condemnation from me for what happened with those criminals at the Capitol on Jan.


Anonymous said…
Loser! Liar! Traitor! Terrorist supporter!
Anonymous said…
Really, "anything but condemnation"??? He first cheers them on and then afterward whines about losing a book contract while making false claims about the first amendment. He didn't seem concerned about any Blue Lives while whining about being silenced while during his air time on mainstream news. During the videos showing rioters looking for Mike Pence and almost getting to Romney he was sitting in the gallery pretending to be bored. Everything this guy does is a publicity performance. He thinks he can dupe all the Trumpers into believing he is a 'true patriot' when he is a carefully cultivated elite pretending to care about the lives of working class Americans. Anyone who can't see through his stunts deserves to be taken advantage of by his political opportunism. Vote better, Missouri.